“An old, thin man in a black tailcoat, short pantaloons, black silk stockings and shoes with buckles,” this is how Herzen described Dr. Haas, a German doctor who came to Moscow at the beginning of the 19th century to treat Russian princes. As a result, he treated old people free of charge in almshouses, created a hospital “for the laborer class” and desperately tried to make the life of exiles and convicts easier.

Gaaz was not afraid to clash with the authorities, with the prison administration. He managed to achieve the abolition of the iron rod, to which convicts were chained – six to eight people, completely different in age, constitution, height, health. It took more than a decade for the rod to be first replaced with a chain and then removed altogether. One of the main achievements of the German doctor is to ease the weight of the shackle chains from 16 to 7 kg, so that they do not wash your feet into blood. Another important contribution to Russian history was his exploration of mineral springs.

Dr. Haas died on August 16, 1853. There was no property left after him. About 20 thousand people followed his coffin. He was buried at the Inoversky cemetery on the Vvedensky mountains – now this is the Lefortovo district in the east of Moscow. On the monument to Fyodor Petrovich Gaaz, as they began to call him in Russia, hang such shackles, which were lightened by him. And the inscription in Russian is visible: “Hurry to do good!”

There are probably thousands of stories about how foreigners made our country their home and won the recognition and love of our compatriots. These are stories that we don’t know about yet. But we know that they exist and we are grateful to the representatives of different nationalities who helped our ancestors to create a great country. We are grateful to those who saved, who taught, who built, who painted, who fought, who sowed and reaped crops – they all became part of us, part of our history and our culture, And other states have heroes who came from afar and stayed forever … Among them are our compatriots. And even contemporaries. And we are proud of them. And the inhabitants of those places where fate has brought our compatriots are proud of them.

The international youth research cultural and historical project “Traces of Nations” developed by the Young World International Public Organization is aimed at identifying the influence of the interpenetration of cultures in all areas of human life throughout the historical process, as well as modeling the Future as a result of current and current demographic, political and climatic processes.

We invite you to take part in the development of the “Traces of the Nation” project and propose to become a part of it at the stage of formation. We believe that together we will open the world of peoples’ history from a new perspective, paying more attention to the mutual influence of not only peoples, but also individuals, all those who made this world what it is.

While working on the project, you will be able to find new friends and like-minded people in your country and abroad, participate in international expeditions and tourist trips in the footsteps of compatriots, in international cultural and creative festivals, in events of cultural, economic, educational and creative cooperation, as well as in youth forums for modeling the Future and other events aimed at expanding and strengthening friendship and cooperation between peoples.

The steps to implement our common project that we need to do in the first place:

– Attracting partners and receiving confirmation of participation in profile events of the “Traces of the Nations” project from universities, schools, colleges, public organizations and foundations.

– Confirmation of the readiness of television and radio channels, as well as print and Internet media to cover the preparation and implementation of the “Traces of the Nations” project.

– Expanding the audience of participants. partners and sponsors of the “Traces of the Nations” project.

– Filling the portal and launching the first research events “Traces of Nations”, as well as:

     – Festival “Burning Hearts”

     – TV (or Internet) show “Civilizers”

     – Multilingual youth Internet magazine “Best of Worlds”

The success of the Traces of the Nations project depends on each of us. We must tell our friends and family about our project. For rapid and effective development, we need the maximum level of support – help in organizing work with your universities, in covering the steps of the project on television and in the press, attracting partnerships and sponsorships for organizing events, and much more.

We see a lot of difficult work ahead, but at the same time we believe, we know that each of us will receive not only our amazing findings and personal results, but also pride from participating in a unique project – in the “Traces of the Nations”!

Join us! Explore! Share your experience, help each other, understand each other and together we will make our world a better place!

President of the IYPO “Young World”

Anna Sirotkina