International Youth Festivals “Traces of Nations” help young people from different countries to learn more about the culture, needs and views of each other, find common interests and increase the level of mutual understanding and trust during joint scientific, practical and creative work, and also gives them the opportunity to rally around universal human values ​​and ideals of service to society. Festivals consist of several parts. The main parts of the Festivals are: a competition and a subsequent exhibition of creative works, a blogger quest show and a final gaga concert with an award ceremony. …


Contests and exhibitions

Contests of creative works of the participants of the “Traces of Nations” Festivals are held in the following nominations: story, article, poem, sculpture, documentary film, photography, illustration.


Among the users of social networks who post posts, there are those whose opinion is especially vivid and interesting. The battle of bloggers in the format of a unique show is one of the brightest events of the Festivals.

Gala concerts and awards

The final events of the “Traces of Nations” Festivals are held in the format of gala concerts with awarding of the winners of competitions and contemporaries who leave traces in the hearts of people by their deeds.