Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the essence of the project?

This is a peacekeeping project.

Its main goal is to reduce the level of aggression in international communications; to make people, nations and countries friends.

We have an entire page dedicated to this question called What and Why?

Who is working for you and how much do they earn?

At the moment we do not have any paid staff. All participants are volunteers who develop the project because they enjoy it and are interested in it.

Why does the “Traces of Nations” website have four “traces” sections? How do they differ?

Indeed, the website’s content can be divided into four categories. They are as follows:

Traces of Nations.

The traces of creators and peacekeepers.

This section is dedicated to those who changed the course of history, to those who left the greatest of traces including the ones far away from homeland and to those who showed other nations their commitment to the ideals of peace, kindness, justice and service to society.

It includes stories about peaceful events and people who either changed the course of history or whose actions influenced those around them.

Traces of Peoples.

The pride in the history of one’s birthplace.

The history of peoples that do not have or have not had any statehood, being part of a multicultural country.

This section aims at popularizing and preserving information about cultures and traditions of peoples, including native and small ones. It includes information about the peoples’ cultural heritage, clothing, jewellery, tools, events, national and cultural diversity, their modern lives as well as stories about their famous individuals and heroes.

Traces of Individuals.

Includes stories about events or actions taken for the benefit of one’s homeland as well as ordinary people’s kind deeds that arouse feelings of pride and respect.

It also includes stories about people who did not change history, but who deserve recognition and admiration.

Traces of War.

Includes stories about people who demonstrated courage, heroism or mercy in events that posed a threat to their lives like war, terrorist attacks etc.

We have decided to create this section because as we were making the other ones, we noticed many heroes who gave their lives or demonstrated miracles of courage when taking other people’s lives. Therefore, we believe that these stories should not be included in the other three main sections. Heroism and mercy that take place in violent events should have a special place on our website.

We think that we have managed to cover all aspects of the Traces. But the website is developing as more and more partners and participants join us and offer their own suggestions. Together we are making the website easy to understand and comfortable for everyone. If you have any suggestions on the website’s activity, please contact us and together we will make it even better!

Do you have any political plans?

The goal of our projects and events is to make the world a better place, which is why we take part in volunteer activities and in social control events. We also help realize regional development programmes, environmental projects etc.

We believe that political activity, on the other hand, does not deliver any results for the people. Those who do benefit are usually the ones who take part in such activities. Our goal is to help those in need, those who have some potential, but do not have the opportunity to realize it. This is why we try not to take part in political events.

BUT we are always ready to take part in events that are actually beneficial and that allow us to make people’s lives the way they are supposed to be. Which is why we are preparing to launch a nationwide project called “Dobromobil”. It makes no difference to us who is going to help people, whether it is political parties, parliamentary candidates, businessmen or corporations. What matters is an event’s goal. For the sake of good deeds we are ready to cooperate with all parties since kindness does not belong to them, it belongs to the people!

The organization that manages the project is 15 years old! What have you been doing all this time?

We have been preparing! The organization (MMOOMM – молодоймир.рф) was created in 2006 as a practical result of one of the founders’ dissertation. Since its founding it has been studying young people’s interests and developing concepts and programs. We have only started active work some years ago when several projects that could potentially be interesting for young people had been worked out. One of them is the “Traces of Nations”.

What events are you planning to hold soon?

The project’s launch in the Centre of Nationalities in Moscow, the German-Russian expedition to the Altai region, the launch of a series of art competitions aimed at engaging young people of different nationalities in joint projects. These and other events are planned for the nearest future.

You can learn more about our events on the “Traces of Nations” website in “Events”.

Where is the money from? Are you foreign agents?!

We do not accept money from other countries. We try to organize events for free, but since the project has attracted support of almost everyone we talked to before it has even started, we decided that public events should be held now.

The project has no permanent sponsor. Only events receive funding. Each event has its own sponsors, depending on the topic.

We have a lot of topics, as many as there are traces of civilization. In any case, we try not to accept money. Instead, we attract partners, meaning that we want help in renovating, not the money for it, we want the tools, not the money for them. For many, this is the easier and quicker way to do things.

Take part in the launch and implementation of the International Youth Research Project «Traces of the Nations» as Participants, Partners, Sponsors, Co-Organizers, Members of the Organizing Committee or the Jury of Competitions and Festivals!