Make «Footprints of the Nations» your project and open it up for others! Only by helping each other, uniting around interesting tasks and good deeds, we will be able to cope with any difficulties!

We appreciate any amount of help you can give us.

Your help will be used to:
—Involvement in the «Footprints of Nations» project those children who have a great desire, but are not able to participate in the project on their own;

  1. —Supporting volunteer activity and providing volunteers with the tools and materials necessary to work in the project;
  2. —Maintaining and developing the portal and other technical resources of the project;
  3. —Development and implementation of project activities

We will also be grateful for any other kind of assistance, including in the following targeted areas:

  1. —Provision of computer, broadcast, telecommunication, video and photographic equipment for the project volunteers;
  2. —Provision of transport for film crews of the project;
  3. —Information support — coverage of project events on television, radio and print media;
  4. —Provision of tourist and other inventory, tools, materials and equipment for organizing project expeditions;
  5. —Provision of temporary accommodation (accommodation) for expedition participants of the «Traces of the Nations» project;
  6. —Provision of equipment and materials and documents for project research.

We want to thank you in advance for supporting the project and donating. It is your help that can be decisive! We are proud that our projects are yours!

Join yourself and involve young people in research, educational, creative activities of the «Traces of the Nations» project and Together we will make the world a better place!