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Franz Lefort. Human — District

On January 2, 1656, Franz Lefort was born in Geneva — the future associate and personal assistant of Peter I, who inspired the monarch to carry out a number of reforms in Russia. While not occupying the highest positions in the official state hierarchy, he nevertheless played an important role in the history of Russia.
Having moved to Russia, a native of Geneva became a close friend and ally of the Russian Tsar Peter I. He was a member of many military campaigns and diplomatic missions. In his house, Peter I held informal meetings and business meetings. According to experts, although Lefort did not hold high positions, he became an important cog in the mechanism of Peter’s reforms.
The young tsar was very fond of talking with them on various topics, but most of all Peter was interested in issues related to military affairs. Soon, Peter made many acquaintances in the German settlement, and he gave them the opportunity to choose a person among them who could answer the questions of interest to the tsar and help to implement some of the transformations. Such a man was Franz Lefort.
“Peter got his first idea of ​​Europe and its culture precisely thanks to the German Quarter and also thanks to Lefort. When Peter became a full-fledged ruler, Lefort turned into his support in the matter of reforming »
In honor of Franz Lefort, a whole district is named in Moscow — the former German Sloboda, and now — Lefortovo.